Home Atelier is a specialist consumer goods company based in London, United Kingdom.

We source quality products made by makers and manufacturers of note and offer them to our audience through a variety of channels.

Our Brands

Contemporary Industries

Trade-focused site offering a selection of useful products for hospitality businesses and retailers. All products are available by colli and shipped exclusively to UK addresses.

Home Institute

Design-led, functional products for the contemporary home and office. Most items are imported directly from specialist producers in Japan, Scandinavia, North America and Europe.

Home Toolkit

Quality, international homewares made readily available the European market through Amazon’s leading logistics and customers services programme.

Contact Contemporary Industries customer services by responding to your order confirmation email or contacting your sales representative.
Prospective customers can view information on opening an account.
The easiest way to contact Home Institute customer services is by responding to your order confirmation email or contacting us from your account.
Always please contact us using the email address associated with your order.

Our Purpose

Quality Doesn’t Sell Itself

We work with makers and manufacturers to build sustainable paths to market for their quality goods. Our reach, insight and infrastructure allow us to successfully retail specialist items for home and office to discerning consumers an often crowded and competitive market. We only retail quality products, but know that quality is only part of a compelling proposition.

While quality may not go out of style, globally our concepts of quality, function, desirability and value are rapidly changing. We exist to connect people with exceptional products that they might not otherwise know about.

Tim, Founder, Home Atelier

Environmentally and Socially Conscious

With unprecedented pressures on the planet, we advocate people consuming fewer natural resources. In practical terms, this means: maximising the benefit of products by buying fewer items of better quality; using sustainable resources; minimising plastic consumption, CO2 emissions and disposable products; re-cycling and re-using; and repairing items to extend their life when worthwhile.

Being Fit for Purpose

By utilising digital platforms, scalable infrastructure and logistics partnerships we have facilitated rapid growth by serving an international, niche customer base with insight, precision and clarity of proposition that delivers value. A focus on our process allows us to evolve more quickly, be more targeted, operate more leanly so we can better connect people with exceptional products.

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Home Atelier Limited a registered company in England and Wales and is incorporated under English law.

The company registration number is 08934496.
The registered address is 2 Eco Vale, London, SE23 3DL.
The VAT number is GB 183 0772 04.


We are always looking to partner with specialist makers and manufacturers to extend our portfolio of products and services. If you have a suitable product, get in touch.

If you have any questions regarding your order or product, you can contact customer services.